Werner Meminger was Liesel Meminger's younger brother. 

Travel by Train  Edit

Werner Meminger, Liesel's younger brother, died in January 1939 when he and her sister were put up for adoption after his father abandons them. He did not make it to Molching, where they would be fostered by the Hubermanns, dying on the train trip of pneumonia, partially due to the poverty of his/Liesel's original family. In his funeral, Liesel found a copy of The Gravedigger's Handbook on the ground. He was 6-years old when he died. Liesel will remember Werner as a six-year-old forever.

Liesel's Nightmares Edit

After Liesel arrives at 33 Himmel Street, she dreams of her brother dying every night. Liesel tells Max Vandenburg about her dreams, and Max tells her about his. When she gets mad at the mayor's wife after the mayor stops hiring them for their washing, she thinks of her brother trying to tell her to stop, but Liesel pushes him down the stairs of the mayor's house. The imaginary Werner falls on the steps and his knee gets injured. Later on, when Liesel slowly starts to forgive the mayor, she sees Werner in various states of healing. Finally, near the end of the book, as she matures, stops having nightmares about Werner, and learns to remember him in other ways instead.

And remember, Liesel's younger brother Werner died at the age of six. That's horrible, isn't it? Having a child of six die?

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