Hi everyone, my name is KC Jones, i am born on March 3rd, i'm a male and i love the Book Thief movie/book. i've made my own Wikia called Awesome 3D Photos (i cant quite recall what i called it but whatevs!) Anyways, i love to write stories, create new characters, edit and create Wiki's for everyone, and i love Minecraft. i don't play minecraft anymore though because my parents dont like it and i guess i can agree with them sometimes it takes too much of your schoolwork and time and it can be quite distracting but fun. i'm excell in reading and spelling although i've got puncuation errors i really dont care but i excell in both reading and spelling i'm in college level for both reading and spelling i'm 13 years old. i'm German American so i speak both English and German.

-Auf Wiedersehen,

KC Jones