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  • Jordon Adena

    Rudy Steiner was an amazing, beautiful, and inspiring character in the Book Thief. Don't you think so too? Here, I've added GIF images and photos of Rudy Steiner. Enjoy!

    I have also taken the time to write acknowledgments to all of my friends for thinking of this idea. These friends of mine are not from Wikia so don't worry!

    Thank you:

    Andrew Jones

    Jared Griffith

    Michael "Mike" McAdams

    Erica Taylor

    Yosamy Flores Martinez

    Judith Prichard

    Henry Bass

    Alicai Cavenaugh

    Tristan Holcombe

    Jasmine Kutcher

    Marissa Schroeder

    Jasper Stewart

    Tamara Lambert

    Ashton Quenton

    Uma Lease

    Liesel Nixon

    Aidan Williams

    Thank you to all who appreciate my blogs! :-)

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