Thomas "Tommy" Muller was a friend of Liesel and Rudy. He had chronic ear infections and due to the operations held on him, he twitched a lot. Tommy's hearing was also affected. He joins Rudy in the Hitler Youth, but when they march, he never stops on time because of his hearing problems. According to Rudy, he is also known to be the worst at soccer. He also had what it looks like a pink river of skin painted across his face. Toward the middle of the book, Liesel has to reassure him that she will not hurt him, and they become friends. He became extremely frightened of Liesel after a little mix-up in a fighting scene.

He presumably dies in the Himmel Street Bombing, due to his physical weakness. It was nearly impossible for him to survive, so it is up to the reader if Tommy survived or not, despite the excruciatingly low chances. He's also pretty hot.

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