The books featured in The Book Thief are: 

- The Grave Digger's Handbook, a training book about grave digging, which Liesel Meminger (protagonist) found lying in the snow at Werner Meminger's funeral. 

-Faust the Dog, written by Mattheus Ottleberg, a Christmas gift from Hans and Rosa Hubermann to Liesel Meminger 

-The Lighthouse, written by Ingrid Rippinstein, a Christmas gift from Hans and Rosa Hubermann to Liesel Meminger

- The Shoulder Shrug, a book that featured a Jew protagonist, Liesel Meminger rescued it from a book burning by Nazi soldiers on Hitler's birthday in 1940.

- The Dream Carrier, Liesel steals a copy of this book from Ilsa Hermann's library 

- Mein Kampf, written by Hitler himself, bought by Hans Hubermann for Max Vandenburg, Lisel Meminger does not read or steal this book

- A Song in the Dark , Liesel steals a copy of it from Ilsa Hermann's library because 'it's green'. 

-The Complete Duden Dictionary and Thesaurus, a reference book, a gift from Ilsa Hermann.

-The Whistler, the first book Liesel steals from Ilsa Hermann's library

-The Last Human Stranger, the last book Liesel steals from Ilsa Hermann's library.

-The Standover Man, written by Max Vandenburg for Liesel's late birthday present

-The Mud Men, given to Liesel for her birthday by Hans and Rosa Hubermann

- The Book Thief, written by Liesel and picked up by Death

- The Word Shaker, written by Max Vandenburg and given to Liesel

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