Molching (pronounced as molking) is a town in the outskirts of Munich, in Germany.


Liesel Meminger was adopted by Rosa Hubermann and Hans Hubermann, who lived in 33 Himmel Street, Molching. There, Rudy Steiner, Alex Steiner and the rest of the Steiner family also lived. Ilsa Hermann and the mayor of the town lived in the Grande Strasse. The town high street is called Munich Street. It is localized in the banks of the River Amper. The road to Dachau Concentration Camp passed through Molching.

World War II  Edit

Molching was bombed by the American Air Force in World War II. After analysis of basements made by the German government, the alarms rang for three nights of light bombing. In 1943, the Himmel Street was bombed without alarm, leaving only one survivor.