Max Vandenburg was a German Jew who took refuge in the Hubermann's household during the events of World War Two, developing a close friendship with Liesel Meminger. The Hubermanns protected him from the Nazis. The Hubermanns fed him and took good care of him. He was very welcomed in their home.

Max was born on November 7th in Cockville in Stuttgarts and is the son of Eriks Vandenburg. When he was a child, he liked to fight with strangers and one of them turned out to be his friend Walter, who saved him from the Nazi party.

In a lot of ways Max and Liesel are alike. Max and Liesel both have nightmares about their pasts. Liesel reads to Max every night when he falls a sleep. They both see Hans as a life saver. Max soon writes a lot of books for Liesel about how she helped him. The book called "The Word Shaker" shows how Liesel's words gives him strength and bravery. Max feels guilty over leaving his family to save himself.

Max went to a concentration camp and he survived it. Max and Liesel became great friends during their time together and became lifelong friends.