Biography Edit

She is the wife of the mayor. Her son died a long time ago, but she still cries over him. Liesel helps Ilsa by trying to get her to let go from the past. Ilsa is one of Rosa's customers and one of her last. Ilsa spots Liesel stealing a book, which Liesel is frightened because she has no idea what the person who saw her might do. Ilsa ends up inviting Liesel into the mayor's library and letting her read all the books that she wants. Unfortunately, Ilsa fires Rosa. This angers Liesel which puts her into a large tantrum. Liesel does not take the book Ilsa offers her (The Whistler) and tells Ilsa to stop mourning over her dead son. Of course, Ilsa knows that Liesel will come back for the book, so she leaves the library window open. However, Ilsa notices that more than one book has been taken from her library. She writes Liesel a letter saying that she knows that she is the one who has been taking the books, but she wants Liesel to stop coming through the window and start coming through the door like a normal person would so if they wanted to get books. Ilsa helps Liesel after her parents die.

Appearance Edit

She is usually seen wearing a robe and slippers. She always has gray messy hair.