List of characters in The Book Thief: 



Meminger Family 

Liesel (sister) 

Werner (brother)

Hubermann Family 

Hans (father) 

Rosa (mother) 

Liesel Meminger (daughter, adopted) 

Hans Jr. (son) 

Trudy Hubermann (daughter) 

Steiner Family 

Alex Steiner (father) 

Barbra Steiner (mother) 

Rudy Steiner (son) 

Emma Steiner (daughter) 

Bettina Steiner (daughter)

Annemarie Steiner (daughter)

Karin Steiner (daughter)

Kurt Steiner (son)

Hermann Family 

Ilsa Hermann (mother)

Johannes Hermann (son)

Holtzapfel Family

Frau Holtzapfel (mother) 

Robert Holtzapfel (son) 

Michael Holtzapfel (son) 

Vandenburg Family

Max Vandenburg (son) 

Erik  Vandenburg (father)  

Other characters

Frau Henrich - Woman from foster care who brings Liesel to the Hubermanns

Frau Diller - corner shop owner

Pfiffikus - name given to eldery man by local children, who likes to whistle

Tommy Müller - friend of Rudy and Liesel, worst soccer player on the team


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